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The Emory College Center for Creativity and Arts (CCA) announces the 2019 Creativity & Arts awards, presented annually to individuals in the Emory and Atlanta community who support development, accessibility, inclusion, and innovation in the arts.

Community members are invited to celebrate this year’s awardees at the Creativity & Arts Awards reception Thursday, January 24 at 6:30 p.m. in the Chace Upper Gallery of Emory’s Schwartz Center for Performing Arts.

The 2019 Community Impact Arts Advocate Award will be presented to Emory college alumnus Doug Shipman (95C). Shipman currently serves as the president and CEO of the Woodruff Arts Center—the third largest arts center in the United States. The Woodruff Arts Center hosts over one million patrons annually and educates over 200,000 young people throughout the state of Georgia via the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Alliance Theatre, and the High Museum of Art.

Prior to joining the Woodruff Arts Center, Shipman served as CEO and managing director of BrightHouse Consulting, a BCG company, and as founding CEO of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in downtown Atlanta.

Other 2019 award recipients are:

  • Katherine Dirga, Community Impact Arts Administrator

  • Randy Gue, Emory University Staff

  • Davis Husk, Emory University Undergraduate Student

  • Anna Leo, Emory University Faculty

  • Leonard Pallats, Emory University Arts Volunteer

  • Veena Rajeevan, Emory Healthcare

  • Stephen Weizenecker, Emory University Alumni

  • Minka Wiltz, Community Impact Artist 

The 2019 Creativity & Arts Awards ceremony takes place Thursday, January 24 in the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts. The reception begins at 6:30 p.m. with the awards program starting at 7 p.m. This event is open to the public. Reservations are requested by emailing For more information, visit

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Out of Hand Theater presents Shaking The Wind by Minka Wiltz in their Living Room Series
to Nov 17

Out of Hand Theater presents Shaking The Wind by Minka Wiltz in their Living Room Series

The story of a girl confronting her mother who pimped her out for Jesus and the devastating moment when she took the scales off to see the world.

Shaking The Wind refers to the feeling when the Holy Ghost takes over and the force is so powerful that atmosphere surrounding that body seems to oscillate-shake. This story has been 40 years in the making but I started writing it down in 2014 after my mother transitioned. While we didn’t agree on most things when she died, I spoke honestly to her about my feelings and asked her questions about hers.

This story is NOT a neat little bow of reconciliation. This story IS hilarious, at times poignant, always honest and sometimes surreal. New music co-written by S. Renee Clarke and myself helps to give this story more of a depth of storytelling that continues to enrich this story. Being able to perform the piece in intimate spaces brings the audience on a journey that is very often lost in traditional theater spaces.

I am fairly certain me and my mother still wouldn’t see eye to eye on things even if she came back to this world. The difference now is that I don’t need her to agree with me or who I am. That journey could only happen if I allowed myself to write and perform this piece.

If you have ever been at a loss for how to forgive loved ones who seemed to overlook your truth, this may be a story that you would enjoy experiencing.

See y’all at the house. (A Southernism)

— Minka Wiltz

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to Jun 17

The Atlanta History Center Performance of Order of Freedom: Meet The Past by Addae Moon, Director

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Addae Moon is an award-winning playwright and a Director of Museum Theater at Atlanta History Center . This original piece gives an account of what really happened when Union troops went throughout the south letting slaves know the Emancipation Proclamation had freed them. The captives knew about the war and all that had transpired with the new law...but they understood better than the lawmakers the reality of increased danger they would have to endure once they left the plantations. 

Three productions on June 16 & 17

The Order of Freedom: Meet the Past Museum Theatre Performance
Kennedy Theatre
12:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:45pm

Ever wondered about the history behind Juneteenth? Written by Atlanta History Center playwright, Addae Moon, The Order of Freedom explores the impact of the issuance of General Order No. 3, by General Gordon Granger, on June 19, 1865, and the challenges faced by Cora and James Lewis as they begin their journey from slavery to citizenship.

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to Jul 16

Emory Theater Breaking Ground Series 2017

Thank you to Theater Emory and Jan Akers 

I am honored and excited to be invited back to my third Breaking Ground experience at Emory Theater on the campus of Emory University. The week of July 11-16, 2017 culminated in me creating another piece that rounds out what I thought would  a three part one woman series. As anyone who knows about the creative process knows, your pieces, like your children, tend to take on lives of their own. While Shaking The Wind  was a one woman show which I performed alone but with multiple characters, the following piece, Breathing Fire Moving Earth,  was a fantasy modern day opera which is written to be performed by various actors. The most recent piece,  Freedom Paralyzed, is written for three actors -- two different actors playing one character, one actor playing a single character. Although the trilogy I initially envisioned was of three one woman pieces, the final body of work feels just right -- my personal journey from beginning to present and beyond -- exactly the idea of the parts of my soul quest that has presented itself in the past and in the present along with what is unfolding as my internal and external futures.  See below for a brief synopsis of Freedom Paralyzed. May we always be truly free.

Freedom Paralyzed (An Exploration of Mind)

Written By

Minka Wiltz

Directed By

Addae Afura Moon


        Minka Wiltz    and   Anthony Goolsby

Presented by WayMoreGround: Storylab, LLC

As part of the

2017 Theatre Emory Breaking Ground Series at Emory University

Free Admission

Location: Schwartz Performing Arts Center

Time: 6:30pm Saturday July 15, 2017Open dress rehearsal

3:00pm Sunday July 16, 2017 Full presentation



Freedom Parlayzed is the story of Joseph and Nelia. Nelia is pregnant, paralyzed and dependent on her husband Joseph—a thoracic surgeon. Nelia has become two different entities – Nelia Body and Nelia Mind.

Nelia Body is physically paralyzed and pregnant. The ability of a disabled body to create life is ultimate power. What does it mean to be disabled when the body can create such a life force? How does that body hold the mind and express thoughts, pain, disappointment?

Joseph is the perfect able bodied man but cannot exist without Nelia. His inability as a man to create life asks the question of why must that inability move him to control the life of another.

In this piece Minka is interested in exploring the space of time within our minds and how it is expressed in our perceived reality. What is “freedom” and how is it hampered by “love”?  How do we define the two?                                                         

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