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Emory Theater Breaking Ground Series 2017

Thank you to Theater Emory and Jan Akers 

I am honored and excited to be invited back to my third Breaking Ground experience at Emory Theater on the campus of Emory University. The week of July 11-16, 2017 culminated in me creating another piece that rounds out what I thought would  a three part one woman series. As anyone who knows about the creative process knows, your pieces, like your children, tend to take on lives of their own. While Shaking The Wind  was a one woman show which I performed alone but with multiple characters, the following piece, Breathing Fire Moving Earth,  was a fantasy modern day opera which is written to be performed by various actors. The most recent piece,  Freedom Paralyzed, is written for three actors -- two different actors playing one character, one actor playing a single character. Although the trilogy I initially envisioned was of three one woman pieces, the final body of work feels just right -- my personal journey from beginning to present and beyond -- exactly the idea of the parts of my soul quest that has presented itself in the past and in the present along with what is unfolding as my internal and external futures.  See below for a brief synopsis of Freedom Paralyzed. May we always be truly free.

Freedom Paralyzed (An Exploration of Mind)

Written By

Minka Wiltz

Directed By

Addae Afura Moon


        Minka Wiltz    and   Anthony Goolsby

Presented by WayMoreGround: Storylab, LLC

As part of the

2017 Theatre Emory Breaking Ground Series at Emory University

Free Admission

Location: Schwartz Performing Arts Center

Time: 6:30pm Saturday July 15, 2017Open dress rehearsal

3:00pm Sunday July 16, 2017 Full presentation



Freedom Parlayzed is the story of Joseph and Nelia. Nelia is pregnant, paralyzed and dependent on her husband Joseph—a thoracic surgeon. Nelia has become two different entities – Nelia Body and Nelia Mind.

Nelia Body is physically paralyzed and pregnant. The ability of a disabled body to create life is ultimate power. What does it mean to be disabled when the body can create such a life force? How does that body hold the mind and express thoughts, pain, disappointment?

Joseph is the perfect able bodied man but cannot exist without Nelia. His inability as a man to create life asks the question of why must that inability move him to control the life of another.

In this piece Minka is interested in exploring the space of time within our minds and how it is expressed in our perceived reality. What is “freedom” and how is it hampered by “love”?  How do we define the two?                                                         

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