“I’ll let you in on a little secret…

An Excerpt from Stella Adler’s The Art Of Acting

No actor is a success unless he feels inside himself, as long as he lives, that he is good. If you don’t feel that you’re good, no money can give it to you! No applause can give it to you! No symbol of success can give it to you! That feeling, of an artist or an actress that confidence must come from him on spite of everything…You will not need anybody. You will collaborate with the director, but you will never say “Help me”! “

An excerpt from the essay “breathe before you act” by caroline thomas in the book MOvement for acting

" I’ve heard every excuse in the world not to do this work.

Relaxing is a waste of time. When are we going to learn something real? … I just go to sleep … This is never going to work … I can’t concentrate, I go blank every time … When I’m tired, this just makes me more tired … I stay depressed all day … I keep thinking about all kinds of things, and I’m not accomplishing anything…’

Students often forget that apart from showing up in class, a major part of their artistic progress comes from doing homework. The successful pursuit of any artistic vocation is a lifelong process of learning to concentrate and exhibit follow-through in the face of resistance. But more than any other kind of artist, how can an actor, who is expected to embody and speak for all humankind, make a career for herself when she lacks even sufficient character to break through her initial resistance! Yet many actors, particularly in America, ignore the need to focus on and control the use of t heir physical being, both voice and body. This leads to severe limitations in their work, and by the time they become bored with the narrow spectrum of roles they are able to play, it is usually too late. They are unable to overcome their laziness and put in a double amount of effort, since that is what is required. They must retrace their steps to the origin of their tension, and then re-integrate a major physical adjustment into the considerable knowledge of acting they already possess.”

— Caroline Thomas

My life has been that of a maverick. I would not submit”
— Joseph Campbell; scholar

i am a recovering white supremacist.

I FORGIVE MYSELF for self abuse, abuse of others, acts of oppression to self and others. I acknowledge that, through institutionalized white supremacy in education, government, and all organized world religions, I have been trained, programmed, and conditioned to hate my melanin, genetics, genitalia, hair texture, eye color, original thoughts, creativity, speech pattern, language, rythym of movement, independent thoughts, and overall freedom of soul as expressed through my body either silently or with sound.

I FORGIVE MYSELF for believing the lies and hatred that perpetuate through the thoughts projected onto me and through me in order to stay within the construct of hatred that seems to benefit some and ultimately destroys all.

In my RECOVERY FROM WHITE SUPREMACY I am committed to learning the TRUTHS of history and embedding them in my everyday meditations of LIFE.

In my RECOVERY FROM WHITE SUPREMACY I am committed to recognizing the LIES in history and rejecting them as UNNATURAL and UNHEALTHY

In my RECOVERY FROM WHITE SUPREMACY I am committed to LOVING MYSELF AND OTHERS in HEALTHY and authentic ways. A part of my COMMITMENT is to LOVE OTHERS who are different, LOVE OTHERS who are difficult, LOVE OTHERS who are hateFULL (and keep myself and others safe from THEIR SICKNESS).


I am recovering and growing stronger everyday.


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Do not believe in anything just because:  it is accepted by many, it is written in books,  it is spoken by teachers and elders,  it is handed down in tradition. But if, after analysis, it is found to accord with reason, and to result in the common good, then accept it, and live up to it. (Kalama Sutra)